rose electric mountain bike

Rose Electric Mountain Bike

Rose is a popular German bike producer and online retailer: it has just presented an electric mtb. It’s actually just a prototype, far from its final version. The most interesting thing about this e-mountainbike is that it has a Continental motor. But let’s see more about this bike.

Rose  produces several bike models: mtbs, road bikes, city bikes and trekking bikes.  There are some electric bikes in the catalog as well. We have never talked about Rose ebikes before because but they’re quite ordinary, though surely of good quality.
Rose has a unique feature: it only sells bikes online. You might think it hard to convince someone to spend thousands of euros  for a bike online, but Rose knew how to gain trust among its customers, thanks to a post sale service that works really well.

Up until now Rose kept clear from electric MTBs (just like Specialized), but a few days ago it presented its first e-mountainbike prototype to the German website The bike is a front mtb with 120mm of travel and 27,5+ tires.

display of rose e-mtb

This electric mtb has two unique features:

  • it’s not a real bike, meaning that the frame was made with a 3D printer and you can’t actually ride this bike.
  • the motor is completely new and different from what we’re used to: it’s the first time we see a Contintental ContiTech motor on a bike. We talked about these motors a year ago, when Continental announced to the press that it intended to enter the highly competitive ebike market.

The motor should have a 64Nm or 90Nm torque (there will probably be two versions available: one for city bikes and one for electric mtbs). The capacity of the battery should be 612 Wh, which is very good and should guarantee a big range.

detail of the handlebarse of rose e-mtb

The bike should be available starting Spring 2016.

Two competitors to the Bosch/Yamaha duopoly appeared on the market over the last few days: Specialized with its Brose motor and Rose with its Continental motor. Let’s also rememember Focus electric mtbs with the Impulse 2.0 motor, soon to be upgraded to their Evo version.

There’s a lot of buzz in the electric bike field, especially among e-mountainbikes producers.

We will update this article when we’ll have more details about the Rose electric mtb with the Continental motor.

detail of the motor

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