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Bosch eBikes: Extension of Warranty for the “old” Classic+ Line Drive Systems

A number of Bosch’s first-generation drive systems for ebikes have a factory fault that could cause a disruption in the internal gearing. Some customers have experienced this problem. We don’t know how much the issue actually affects the owners of first-generation systems, but Bosch states that the number of faulty motors is very low.

Bosch is a big company that invested a lot in the ebike market. They know that one of the most important aspects is being trustworthy and responsible towards their customers. All the more so when Yamaha, Shimano and Bafang are ready to take the ebike market by storm. Of course, problems can occur, but it’s vital that they are solved in a timely fashion and with no consequences for consumers. That’s why Bosch decided to extend the warranty of the Classic+ Line drive systems to the 31st of December 2016.

This is Bosch’s press release:

“The success of our Bosch products is founded on high product and service quality, as well as continuity and trust. This is why Bosch eBike Systems continuously carries out quality inspections of the drive systems of all of its products. In the course of these activities, it was found that in rare cases disruptions can arise when operating our first-generation (Classic+ Line) drive systems. These disruptions manifest themselves as clicking noises or as disruptions affecting the freewheel function. In the case of the freewheel function, it is possible that the pawls will not engage correctly, leading to a loss of pedalling resistance. The malfunction is usually experienced by the driver as a delayed crank engagement. This phenomenon is comparable in effect to a chain rupture, a chain drop or a defective freewheel hub.”

Bosch affirms that the number of malfunctioning systems is very low: there is no correspondence between faulty systems and a particular series of products.

To whom may experience a malfunctioning in the freewheel system in a Bosch Classic+ first-generation drive system, there will be a free replacement of the motor. Bosch has also extended the warranty to the 31st of December 2016, and will cover all the costs related to the problem.


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2 thoughts on “Bosch eBikes: Extension of Warranty for the “old” Classic+ Line Drive Systems”

  1. Where is this press release from?
    I have this problem with my ebike
    But Bosch will not cover all my costs I have sorting this
    Can anybody help me finding this press release

    1. Hi Carsten
      Any luck with finding out where the press release is from?
      It sound amazing that bosch would do this. My bike died to, Gazelle with a Bosch Classic Line motor, its just grinding the and no more drive..

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