Brose motor for speed-ebikes

Brose motor for speed ebikes: it’s coming

Ebikes with a Brose motor are having a good success. They may not be as widespread as other motors, but those who have chosen a Brose motor for their ebike (especially e-mtb) report a positive experience. It is significant that Specialized, one of the most important actor in the mountain bike sector, has chosen Brose motors for its electric mtb series Turbo Levo. In short the Brose motor, though it has come later to the market than its competitor, is a serious and proven competitor for Bosch and Yamaha.

specialized turbo levo electric mtb
The Specialized Turbo Levo e-mtb with a Brose motor

Up to now what was missing in the Brose line was a speed-ebike version of its motor. Speed-ebikes, in Europe, are those vehicles which are allowed to go faster than 25 km/h (up to 45 km/h), but are not as powerful as proper motor bikes; the motor is usually rated at 350 or 500 Watts. Speed-ebikes, where they are legal (mainly Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands…) are having an always greater success, though they represent still less than 10% of total ebike sales. It’s a lucrative market, because the average price of a speed-ebike is higher than that of a standard ebike.

During the last Eurobike Fair, Brose has presented a version of its motor made especially for speed-ebikes. The motor looks very similar to its low-power brother, with a design that allows a very pleasant integration of the motor into the frame (and that’s exactly what struck everybody during the presentation of the first Brose motor in Italy a few years ago).

The first units of the motor have already been distributed to the ebike producers that will use them in their 2017 range. All the Brose motors are produced in Berlin, Germany. As happens for many other actors of the ebike world, Brose does not come from the cycling sector, but from the automotive world: Brose produced those small eletric motors which are now ubiquitous in our modern cars. The first prototype of the Brose ebike motor was based on a motor used for Electric Power Steering.

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