Data of ebike sales in the Netherlands

Ebike sales still growing in the Netherlands, +16.1% in 2014

We have already introduced you to the Dutch cycle paths for high-speed ebikes and today we’re talking about Holland again.
Ebikes are growing more popular in Holland, as it is probably the country that’s more interested in encouraging two-wheeled vehicles in all of Europe. We now have access to specific data about ebike sales in 2014.

The number of ebikes sold in the Netherlands in 2014 increased by 16,1% compared to 2013. 223.000 ebikes have been sold, a whopping 21,2% of all the bikes sold in the Netherlands. It’s a positive trend that beats the trend relative to normal bikes: regular bike sales have increased by 4,2% (for a total of 1.051.000 bikes sold in the Netherlands). The value of the bike market is €886.000.000. The 71% of this money was spent in traditional bike stores.

The numbers are impressively high because we’re talking about a country of just 16 million people: this shows just how much cycling is popular over there, especially as a daily way of transportation. Despite the fact that Holland is notoriously a “flat” country, without long or steep ascents, ebikes are today a fifth of bike sales. This allows for longer bike trips by cyclists.

Even if data don’t delve into this aspect,  we think it’s important to say that in Holland the average price of an ebike is usually quite high. The price is usually higher than €1500: this shows us how much Dutch people value purchasing a quality vehicle that will guarantee its services over time.  It’s very hard to see ebikes worth a few hundreds of euros in Holland.

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