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Ebike Savings: Calculate Yours Online

We talked about the Pro-E-Bike project a few times: it’s a European project whose goal is to spread the use of electric bikes in Europe, as a substitute to more polluting vehicles like cars and motorcycles.
It’s also thanks to Pro E-Bike that many companies choose to use ebikes for their mobility, whether it’s in the freight transport field or in the food distribution’s.

All companies must pay taxes at the end of the year, and evaluate how much they earned. Their decisions are based  (as far as possible) on exact calculations that allow them to decide if they should keep using trucks or choose more eco-friendly vehicles.
Pro-E-Bike developed a tool to make this kind of choices easier: companies will be able to calculate how much they could save if they replaced their vehicles with ebikes. Of course, you can use this tool as a private person, too. It’s a simple Excel file that you can download here.

The calculator evaluates all costs of traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, comparing them with those of an electric vehicle. 
Purchase price, running costs (insurance, fuel, maintenance)… they take absolutely everything into account.
The user must include all info regarding their use of motor vehicles (number and length of trips, weight and volume of loads and so on).
The file can be downloaded and filled in on your computer so you can rest assured your data will remain private.

This calculator was presented a few days ago in Nantes, at the Velo-City event, during the workshop about the savings made possible by cargo bikes (either in their electric or normal versions).
If you’re going to use this tool, don’t forget to leave a feedback so they can improve it: to help with this, answer the questions you find here.

The constant improvement in ebike technology (motors, batteries…) is revolutionizing the cargo bike industry. It’s easy to see how these vehicles can take the biggest advantage from an electric motor assistance, as they are able to carry big and heavy loads.
Electric cargo bikes are an efficient alternative to combustion engine vehicles, especially when it comes to last mile distribution in old town centres.

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