Nuvinci: New European Factories for their Ebike Gear Shifting Systems

One of the biggest news concerning Bosch ebike systems for 2015 is the integration with the Nuvinci Harmony H|Sync continually variable and automatic gear-shifting system.

With this gear-shifting system you just have to select your preferred pedaling cadence: the system will take care of the rest. This also allows the ebike’s motor to work more efficiently. We will publish an in-depth analysis on ebikes with an automatic gear-shifting system.

Nuvinci Harmony H|Sync
A simplified scheme on how an automatic gear-shifting system works (click to enlarge)

The automatic gear-shifting system will be more common among city ebikes over the next few years. Fallbrook Technologies (the company that produces Nuvinci’s gear-shifting system) invested in this system big time: the productive capacity will soon double.

The business plan includes the outsourcing of production in Europe (and not in Asia!) of Harmony and Harmony H|Sync systems. Fallbrook Technologies sees Europe as the main target market for their Nuvinci’s products, so producing them in Europe will considerably reduce waiting times.

The expansion of productive capacity involves Fallbrook Technologies components suppliers: they are implementing more production lines too. This is a vital move for Fallbrook Technologies because it’s the only way it can guarantee a quick delivering time while performing operation tests on all their products.

Over the last years Nuvinci has had an income increase of 35% every year. In Nuvinci’s opinion, one high range ebike out of three has a Harmony automatic gear-shifting system.

Watch the video below to learn how the Nuvinci Harmony H|Sync gear-shifting system works:

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