specials on ebikes

Specials on ebikes

This is a series of articles about some specific themes within the world of ebikes.

If you are new to ebikes and want to get to know them better, have a look at our pages with general information on ebikes.

SRAM EX1 groupset for electric mountain bikes

SRAM EX1 groupset

NuVinci N380 Continuously variable automatic hub

NuVinci N380 hub

Automatic gear shifting systems for ebikes

sram dd3 pulse ebike gear

Test: battery consumption after 1000 meters of elevation gain, on a Bosch ebike

ebike in autumn

Bosch ebike systems for 2016

bosch ebikes 2016

Bosch ebike systems for 2015

bosch nyon

Shimano STEPS ebike system

Shimano STEPS ebike motor

Impulse EVO ebikes

Impulse Evo ebikes

Brose ebikes

brose ebike motor

Holidays on ebikes

Ebike holidays

Cargo ebikes

cargo ebikes

Road ebikes

haibike road ebike

History of ebikes

history of ebikes

Piaggio Ebike: say goodbye to your scooter?

piaggio electric bike

Ultralight ebike Maxwell EPO: our technical analysis

ultralightweight ebike maxwell epo

ABS for ebikes

abs for ebikes

The future of ebikes

Electric Mountain Bikes, aka E-mtb

“Extreme” ebikes

(coming soon)

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