The Ebike Portal is managed by Paolo Volpato, an Italian ebike expert who has personally tested and reviewed dozens of ebikes in the last few years (these reviews will soon be uploaded here). Paolo alreadly manages other websites with information on ebikes, in Italian and French.Ebikes have the potential to revolutionize the way in which our cities function. Even in cities where many people already cycle, many more could be interested in abandonding their car and getting on an ebike, knowing that they won’t have to make a lot of effort. In this way, our cities could become much safer and lively. This is even more true in Italy, Paolo’s country.If you would like to contact Paolo, just use our Google+ page to send a message:

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  1. Would you happen to have a user’s guide/manual for the newest Gazelle T2I HM with the Bosch Nyon display/computer system – in English?
    I’ve found manuals with the other system, Intuvia, but not the 2016 Nyon display.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Gazelle with a Bosch Classic Line motor, its just grinding the and no more drive.. I seen a article you post about bosch extending the warranty to 2016

  3. Hello There.
    Thank you for your time. I have a Cannondale SupeV that i want to electrify. Where can i buy a motor(set), fine product information and modification adviced. Thx

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