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General Info on Ebikes

If you’re looking for information on ebikes, this is your starting point! What follows is a series of articles starting from those that introduce ebikes to those who are completely new to the subject, up to articles on more advanced issues.

What is an ebike?
An introductory article about ebikes, what they are, and what they are not

Benefits of riding an ebike
You will be surprised to know the many benefits of riding an ebike, especially if you use your car less.

How fast can you go on an ebike?
As you may guess, it depends a lot on the motor, and on the laws governing the use of ebikes in different countries. So…

The law on ebikes
…let’s have a look at what the law says, in the US of A and in other parts of the world.

Ebike range: How far can you go on an ebike?
Again, as you may guess, it depends a lot on the battery. For an urban use there are generally no problems at all.

The main components of an ebike
We have already talked a bit about motors and batteries, but there are more components to get to know:

Conversion kits: how to electrify your regular bike
Save money and dust your DIY skills by electrifying the bike you already own!

Ebike buyer’s guide
A general guide on what to do when you’re out buying an ebike.

Ebike prices
What can you expect to get for a certain price range? Going for a cheap ebike can make you spend more in the long term

Cheap ebikes
The pros and cons of buying a cheap ebike, and how to avoid rip-offs

Used ebikes
Buying a used ebike can make you save money and help the environment, but make sure it is in good shape!

Folding ebikes
A foldable ebike is the perfect choice for the city

Ebikes and road safety
Why ebikes can be safer than normal bikes

The best ebike
When can you tell that you have found the best ebike?

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