Free ebikes in Liege, Belgium

2 Months Trial of Ebikes in Liège

In Liège, Belgium, you will soon be able to try an electric bike for free over a period of two months. At first, this interesting project will be available for “just” 240 lucky citizens.

The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the viability of using electric bikes as an alternative to cars, and it will run on the side of a pre-existing regular bike-sharing program.

The lucky 240 testers will also be supplied with a custom learning program to help them with the use of the ebike. Each week they will receive advice from a coach. They will be taught how an electric bike works and how they should use it at its best. The program will also cover traffic laws and riding techniques to avoid the dangers of city’s traffic.

Only adult (18+) Liege’s residents will be eligible to participate in the project. In order to be part of this project, candidates will have to explain their motivations and prove that their daily commute is suitable for cycling.

The ebikes available for this project will be high-quality bikes technically-wise. They will have a central Bosch motor, internal Nexus hub gear, and a 400Wh battery.

Liege’s citizens can apply on their city’s official website until the 13th of February. After the first two months, the project will take place again with other 240 people, and so on for two years.  
If you do the math you’ll see that 2880 citizens will be able to try an electric bike over an extended period of time, probably captivating friends and family too.
Do you think they will go back to their car? We think that in two years Liege will see hundreds, if not thousands more bikes and fewer cars. Electric bikes dealers (especially long-time honest sellers) will make a lot of money over the next few months.

How much will Liege’s local administration spend on this project? We don’t know the exact amount, but we can guess a purchase cost of €1500 for each bike which multiplied by 240 equals to €360.000. We should also add the cost of coaches work and other organizational expenses.

If we think about how much money gets wasted on other things, this would be worth the try for sure.  

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